Free Pi-Cars!

Competition now closed – many thanks for all your entries – they have been fantastic. We will be announcing all the winners over the next week and get in touch with all of you to let you know how and when you can get a pi-car or make one of your own.

If you would still like to share your ideas with us please do so with the form below – we would love to hear about them.

We enjoy our Pi-Cars and would love to know what you would do with one. Just fill out the simple form below and let us know what you would do with it once connected to your raspberry pi – there are no rules as to what you suggest and the five ideas we like best will get a pi-car for free.

All you need is a raspberry pi (sorry we can’t afford one of these as well(!)) and a bit of imagination – we will supply you with the radio controlled car, controller and connecting lead. We can also provide the simple python code and an example Scratch program as shown in the blog post.


7 Responses to Free Pi-Cars!

  1. Leia says:

    Contact form seems to ahve swallowed a cog, but we’ve just started a project using Raspberry Pis with 16-17 Traineeship learners are, as the Powers That Be put it “Vocationally Unfocussed!” Would be really motivational from them, starting from complete beginnings to see a working end project.

  2. Henry Brown says:

    Terrific idea.
    In the US we have a STEM program for students to learn science and math.
    One STEM program works with Minority students in NM, MESA.
    I worked with students a Window Rock High School on the Navajo reservation building robots to navigate a maze made from plywood.
    I have helped MESA judge science fair programs.
    Could Raspberry PI create a kit with 4 radio controlled cars that can act as a group?

    Could a Spanish version be used in Peace Corps?

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  4. We have STEM in the UK, however they do not seem very focussed or public facing. They should have leapt on the Raspberry Pi bandwagon from day 1. Shame they haven’t yet.

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